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Study: in-game advertiser says 82% of you don't mind in-game ads

The life of a Joystiq editor is frought with difficult – and often perilous – decisions. Take this example: do we choose to run a story about in-game advertising statistics (we imagine a large majority of you are already rolling your eyes, scrolling down to see if there's something a little stronger waiting for you below) or do we simply run a post about another tattoo of [insert popular video game character here]? In this case, we've chosen to share the statistics with you, and we want you to know why.

In-game advertiser IGA Worldwide contracted the survey-mavens at Nielsen to conduct the "Consumers' Experience with In-Game Content & Brand Impact of In-Game Advertising Study." The results of said study may shock you, but here goes: according to IGA's study, a whopping 82% of gamers "felt games were just as enjoyable with ads as without" and a no less impressive 61% "increase consumers' favorable opinions of products advertised in-game post-play." What's this all mean? Why, that in-game advertising works, despite some marketers fears to the contrary.

Regardless of the wall of statistics contained in the press release (really, go check it out), we all know the key to successful in-game advertising comes from using a gentle-touch. MLG ads littered throughout the $60 Rainbow Six Vegas 2? No thanks, really. Some pre-roll ads before your free game of Quake Live, brought to you by none other than IGA? That we can live with.

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