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The Last King of Africa moves from Paradise

Phil Larsen

We're all going on a holiday to Syberia in the near future, and it looks to be a rollicking good time. If that wasn't enough, creative prodigy Benoit Sokal is back to offer DS owners an even greater holiday destination -- Paradise. Well, it used to be Paradise, but the original PC adventure title is being ported to the DS as Last King of Africa. Hang on, a port? Of an adventure game? That sure shows these guys a thing or two.

You'll be taking up the point-and-click reigns of Ann Smith, daughter of King Rodon. Unsurprisingly, she is struck down with amnesia on her way to visit her pop, and must journey within fictional African country Maurania to unravel her own mystery.

The first screens are in, and apparently the game has been seriously reworked for the DS -- even the story and dialogue itself has been streamlined. This is pretty good news, considering the original wasn't particularly well-received compared to Sokal's other work.

Last King of Africa is vaguely scheduled for a release at this end of this year. It's another addition to the growing adventure library on the DS, which is nothing but pointy, clicky awesome.


[Via press release]

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