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Warren Spector believes 100-hour games are on the way out

Kyle Horner

Making blanket statements is never really a good idea, because then things like this happen. Warren Spector recently made the statement that 100-hour games are on the way out. If that's true then somebody better tell the millions of online gamers who've spent (and will probably continue to spend) anywhere between 100-500 hours on various MMOs that they're not supposed to be doing that!

All right let's remove our tongue from the inside of our cheek. We all know that some games take more time from our lives than others. While World of Warcraft and Age of Conan may absorb upwards of a hundred hours of play, other games like Portal and Bioshock clock in around seven-to-twelve hours at best. So does that mean Warren is right? No, because we're pretty sure that Warhammer Online -- a game that isn't even out yet, mind you -- will be a fairly immense timesink for tens of thousands of players at the very least. Between the free-to-plays, the subscriptions and the coming hybrids -- 100-hour games probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

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