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WoW Moviewatch: Turpster's Dingstravaganza

Moo Money

On Saturday, Turpster, of WoW Radio, hit level 70, while live after the WoW Insider show. Being the wacky guy he is, he invited hundreds of little newbie Gnomes and Dwarves to come give him a beating on the Sporeggar EU server. As members of Turpies, they hopped and ran in droves for a chance to take down the level 69 Undead Priest.

Regis, of Sunstrider, was kind enough to send in this player account of the event. Things apparently got quite hectic, as the Horde showed up to wipe out the newbs several times, but they persevered! If you would like to check out a higher quality version, albeit with interlacing, you can download it from Filefront. Unfortunately, he ended up not getting the kill shot of Turpster, so if anyone has video of that, email us!

[Thanks, Regis of Sunstrider!]

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Update: Here's another (very well produced) view, from show regular Kaiva.

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