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Olympus EVOLT E-520 DSLR gets purchased, sample shots abound

Darren Murph

Hey there EVOLT E-520, we nearly forgot you ever existed! Just over a month after Olympus' latest DSLR first broke cover, one particular individual has managed to corral one from an Austrian shop and snap a few stills. Reportedly, he's planning to write up a full review, but judging by the way the initial round of shots went, we're not so sure he's going to keep it long enough for all of that. As Tam Hanna so bluntly put it, the "autofocus system of the E-520 is the worst [he had] ever seen on a digital camera." Of course, we suppose it could grow on him with time, but just look at the shots in the read link and you'll probably agree that said scenario isn't very likely.

Update: Tam wrote in to inform us that this particular camera was defective. Guess that explains a lot, huh?

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