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Organizing names for the pet name generator

Mike Schramm

Faeldray of Petaholics Anonymous is working on a pet name generator, but first, she needs your help. It's going to be based on her character name generator (called PANDA, an acronym that's too awesome to spell out), which is really more of a collection of great names rather than an actual generator -- it consists of a database of different names categorized by race and gender, so you choose your race and gender, hit a button, and then you've got a bunch of great character names to choose from.

The pet generator will do the same kind of thing, but Fael's not sure how to organize it -- either she's thinking she'll do categories of silly and serious names for each type of pet family, or categories based on what kind of background the name has (as in, fantasy names, silly names, names from myths, etc). Or it sounds like she's open to other ideas. Personally, I'm partial to the idea of seperating names by pet families, and the silly or serious thing seems as good a distinction as any (though most of my pet names tend to be pretty silly anyway).

So head over to her site and vote, or put up a comment with your thoughts on the subject. Can't wait to see the generator!

[via Mania]

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