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Pain gets some free content

Justin McElroy

Much like Ben Folds' solo project Fear of Pop, we hear a tale about a store where pain's for free, and if we ask for more, we don't pay our money and it's terrible pain and it's all for free. It turns out that there is such a place: The PlayStation Network, which will add some new content to PSN title Pain for free today.

As reported on Sony's official blog, the updates include:
  • Jukebox Play – Play your own music in Pain. Yay!
  • New Downtown Layouts – New configurations for downtown. Demolition and Block Party. You'll find out how to unlock these (playable in HORSE mode) by going to the trophy room.
  • Multiple Character Selection – Play two-player games with different characters.
  • Logo Skip – Skip the, uh, opening logo.
We usually ask this question with free DLC, and this time we're pretty sure we know the answer. But here it goes anyway: Are you still playing Pain?

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