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16-in-1 DS case is accountingly efficient

Phil Larsen

The case : cartridge size ratio for DS games is like 300 : 1. You could fit a huge pile of the tiny games inside a single case, but then there's a grand total of one secure slot. A bit of overkill for the cases, then, but the awesome boxart on most games needs to be acknowledged -- so no smaller, please.

Leave it to the rest of us to solve this problem, Nintendo. A handy little uber-case has been found, and you can secure 16 DS carts inside with ease. It comes in clear, pink or black, and retails for around eight dollars. Much better price than some other accessories. Check out some more images after the break, and head to the official accessory page for extra goodies.

It's settled, then. You'll have your brilliant stack of DS games all lined up nice and pretty, so visitors will realize how cool you are when they drop by. Little do they know, the cartridges will be stored safely in your bag! Find a mega-case and get efficient, because Nintendo wants you to. Alternatively, check out the best of our collection and try to one-up those wacky devices with your own DIY concoction.

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