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    Angels Online first impression


    Putting aside the whole concept of being a good angel tasked with protecting the people of Eden (Spoiler alert: They get kicked out. Guess you didn't do your job very well). Anyway, that aside, playing a cute little angel in Angels Online who must earn his or her wings via the tried-and-true tropes of killing and crafting has a fun factor built right in. Flying! You get to fly!

    But you aren't handed your halo, harp and wings from the moment you log in. You must learn the sacred jobs and responsibilities of an angel. And you must learn to slaughter those legendary enemies of angels, the Slarms. In her first impressions review of Angels Online, Ten Ton Hammer's Amber Weldon sets out to learn how to be an angel in a sinful world, from the stern lessons inflicted by Archangel Raphael, to her hours and days studying for her exams in the Lyceum, to her robot-assisted resource-gathering excursions.

    School? Lessons? Robots? If you're dying to become an angel (in Angels Online, that is), you'll definitely appreciate this clever first glimpse.

    [Ten Ton Hammer]

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