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Breakfast Topic: Your memorable PvP battles


Cyanrose of the World of Warcraft Livejournal community recently regaled us with a tale of one of his most excellent World PvP exploits. Running around Hillsbrad on his level 26 Warlock, he heard a familiar sound that strikes fear into the hearts of almost everyone who's every leveled on a PvP server: the sound of Stealth.

Turning around, he came face to face with a rogue -- one high leveled enough to sport a skull on his level indicator. Somehow, he says, he managed to get off a lucky Fear, and after a frantic bit of running and free application of Curse of Agony and Corruption -- or thrown copies of Illidan and Akama's swimsuit issues, if you believe him -- he got the rogue down. Apparently, this rogue then proceeded to call in a bunch of his guildmates to tear apart Tarren Mill in search of him, but by then Cyanrose was swimming down south of Southshore, laughing over his unlikely victory.

This story got me thinking of some of my own unexpected, funny, and epic PvP battles.

For example, once, when I was a young Tauren hunter of about 42 levels, I was off in the south of Stranglethorn Vale hunting Elder Shadowmaw Panthers for a pair of gloves for a guildmate. I'd just finished off my latest panther and was getting ready to skin him, when I heard a rushing sound of a Warrior's Charge. Suddenly, I was being pounded upon by a level 39 warrior and and his level 40 rogue friend. Sure, I outleveled them, but not by much, and with the double team, it looked like I would go down quick.

But I said to myself, I said: Self, not today. I sent my pet vulture after the rogue, and laid down a set of Wing Clips on my attackers. Somehow, I managed to get away enough to lay down a Freezing trap, which trapped the warrior handily. With a bit of quick kiting and some Raptor Strike jousting, I was able to get the rogue down. I set another trap, this time a Frost trap, and the warrior walked right into it. I bandaged myself up quickly and set upon the warrior. Like before, I stuck with a bit of kiting, using Concussive Shot when it came up, keeping Serpent Sting going, and ending with a bit of jousting. The warrior died too.

Feeling cocky, I sat down, ate, drank, and then rushed back to the valley where I had been fighting the panthers. The very next one dropped the last skin I needed, and I headed back to Orgrimmar in triumph to deliver the finished gloves to my guildie.

That's just one of my stories, but it sticks in my memory. Yes, I was (slightly) higher leveled than they were, and yes, they probably could have gotten me easily if they were a bit smarter, but I still got double-teamed and lived to tell the tale, and I'm still proud of it.

How about you? Whether they're from Battlegrounds, World PvP, or Arenas, I'm sure all of us who engage in the pasttime have those battles that we like to tell friends about or like to cite as examples of why we love PvP. Whether epic, amazing, or just amusing, let's share them in the comments here today.

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