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Crysis Warhead won't make your PC cry


It's always a little ... awkward explaining to guests that the "modern art" in our living rooms are actually PCs melted by playing Crysis on its highest settings. Thankfully, Crytek has heard our whimpering and is working to make Cysis: Warhead play more nicely with mid-range gaming rigs.

Voodoo Extreme was kind enough to translate an article on German gaming site which states that the PC-exclusive Crysis folllow-up is being designed to run at a locked 30fps on a roughly $600 system. Now, compare that to the original game, which was sluggish even on a PC costing three times that much and ... you have happier PC gamers. If Crytek's programmers can actually pull off such a formidable feat, we sense a stalling in the PC upgrade market come the game's release.

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