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MapleStory product coordinator talks cake monsters, weddings and doom flounders

Adrian Bott

Over at WarCry, Sheloman Byrd - the product coordinator for free 2d MMORPG MapleStory - has been giving the lowdown on the game and its lighthearted approach. Popular among gamers around the 17-18 year old range and extraordinarily successful economically, MapleStory offers side-scrolling anime-inspired action with a heavy emphasis on quirky fun.

Weddings have been a surprisingly popular element of the game (a phenomenon we also saw with Angels Online) with the choice of either a Vegas style wedding or a Cathedral one. The latter even involves quests, with the groom having to hunt for items and the bride seeking the blessing of her parents. Married couples in the game also have exclusive content, including a Party Quest of their own.

There's clearly demand out there for wedding content in MMOs - at least the bright and bouncy teen-market kind. CoX released a Wedding Pack containing exclusive costumes and emotes not so long ago, although weddings there are still purely roleplaying affairs, as they are in WoW. We can't help but wonder what the result would be if more games supported in-game marriage. Is that what the teen demographic really wants?

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