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Retro for the road: Portable Atari 7800


Ben Heckendorn, a total techno whiz and contributor to Engadget, has completed his latest custom handheld ... this time cramming an Atari 7800 into something you can carry around with you. (It's no PSP slim, but hey.)

Heck's 7800 portable combines a 7-inch LCD screen with some notable goodies, including video out, rechargeable batteries, and a paddle controller (in addition to the basic D-Pad). As usual, Heck made the thing just to prove he could. His past creations cover a wide variety of gaming "dream tech," including a portable SNES, "PS360" controller, and a Wii "laptop." He's also the brains behind the Access Controller, a commercially available one-handed pad for PS2, PS3, and PC. The fella is crazy creative – give a look-see to his body of work!

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