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Sprint's "Mobile Mail Work" brings corporate mail to non-PDA devices


Tired of just how productive -- and smug -- your co-workers are with all that 'Berry mail, direct push, and instant connectivity? Sprint's about set to cover your six with its new Mobile Mail Work, a push mail solution for non-PDA handsets. Launching on the Samsung Instinct -- pictured above and mentioned no less than six times in the PR material -- it'll see you picking up your Exchange mail, works both on and off-line, and even features searchable contacts. Not too shabby, huh? The price of admission you ask? Free for all those on Everything, Talk / Message / Data share, and the Vision Pro packages, all others can hop aboard for $9.99 a month. The software will be available via Sprint's mobile web downloads, and should support 11 more sets in the coming weeks. So go on, wreck your life by tethering yourself to your office mail, we know you wanna, and now Sprint wants you to, too. Follow the read link to check the list of supported devices

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