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Things On Wheels: 4 new vehicles revealed

Load Inc., developer of the XBLA racer Mad Tracks, just sent over four new screens of the vehicles found in their upcoming XBLA RC racer Things On Wheels. Exclusively revealing one of the vehicles from the title (seen above) in an interview with X3F, Load Inc. has now showcased five vehicles--their are 12 in the full version of the game. No word on a release date for Things On Wheels but we eagerly anticipate jumping into the RC racer before the end of the year. For more detailed information on Things On Wheels make sure to check out our interview with Denis Bourdain from developer Load Inc.

Also (because we missed it) we'd like to wish Load Inc.'s first XBLA title Mad Tracks a belated Happy 1st Birthday. "Since (release) 700.000 people played the trial version (of Mad Tracks) and 72.000 people trusted us enough to buy the game," reads the Load Inc. website. "The good news is that it's not de-listed yet and a lot of people still buy it!"

Let's hope Things On Wheels proves to be as entertaining and popular.

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