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Vivox voice integration coming in EQ2 Game Update 47

Michael Zenke

EverQuest 2's Technical Director Joshua "Autenil" Kriegshauser has released some very interesting news via the official forums. The GDC announcement of Vivox and SOE's partnership appears to be reaching fruition, as in-game voice chat will be added to EQ2 with Game Update 47. The system's implementation appears to offer effortless discussion with groupmates, guildmates via private voice channels. Settings can be tweaked to allow non-guildies into guild voice chats for convenience, and will even allow for communication across EQ2 servers.

There's an official thread for player feedback and questions already up and running. Kriegshauser has been in there since yesterday, clarifying elements of the UI, system, and integration. Some tidbits from that discussion include:
  • Initially cross-game chat will not be possible, though that's likely to change as other SOE titles integrate the technology.
  • At the moment there are not assignable permissions for guild ranks, though that may change.
  • Players are restricted to only speaking in one channel at a time, though again that may change in the future.
  • Private channels (requiring just a password to access) are still in the works, with hopes it will be available when the service launches.
  • Logging a character out disconnects you from a chat, but you will still be in the voice channel while zoning.
  • Voice masks (which Vivox calls 'fonts') are planned for future updates.
  • Likewise, proximity-based free-for-all chat is a hoped-for addition down the road.

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