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Wario Land Shake scans show more shaking

Candace Savino

The same screens of Wario Land Shake keep on popping up in different places, but the latest scans from Coro Coro Comics reveal a bit more about the controls. As you probably deduced from the game's title, being the genius that you are, Wario Land Shake will involve quit a bit of shaking. We already went into a little detail on the controls a few weeks ago, but these new scans show more pictured instances of the scheme in action.

As you can see above, you hold the Wiimote horizontally and use it like an old-school controller. Attacking enemies will be one instance that you need to shake and bake, since you can turn your foes into treasure this way. Google translator also tells us that climbing ropes will involve "moving the Wiimote up and down," which is pretty much the definition of shaking.

It looks like most actions in the game will force you to shake the Wiimote, but we think Wario Land sounds awesome enough to warrant the waggle and ensuing Carpal tunnel syndrome.

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