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We keep dreaming of Knights in the Nightmare

Candace Savino
Knights in the Nightmare is one of the more confusing games being released this year, but the latest trailer (which Sting ever-so-kindly dubbed in English) reveals a lot about the story and gameplay. The tie-in factor is something called "the wisp," which attacks enemies. You control the wisp with your stylus to kill baddies, and also issue orders to your allies in this real-time strategy game.

Some things still remain unexplained -- for example, what are enemy slots and the enemy matrix elements that we're told to master? That doesn't change the fact that this title looks more and more interesting every time new media pops up, though. We've already added it to our possible imports list, which might hurt our wallets when the game releases in September.

Gallery: Knights in the Nightmare

[Via GoNintendo]

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