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CEPro reviews a Tweeter concept store

Steven Kim

Our friends at CEPro got a chance to stroll through the newly-designed Tweeter concept store in Dedham, MA with their camera, and it sounds like they came away impressed. After reading their impressions, we want to check out one of these stores as well -- it looks like the kind of playground we could while away some summer hours in. The store design emphasizes careful setup and consumer education rather than the sheer number of stock units on display. As we all know, the effort of forming a short list of items to audition can be totally undone by lackluster demo environment, which is all too common in the big box stores that dominate the retail channel. By integrating the gear into home-like settings and liberally sprinkling the "Try Me" buttons around for automated demos, consumers can get a better feel for how the gear they're considering will fit in with their home, which we're guessing isn't dominated by flood lamps, aisle shelving, industrial carpeting and 30-foot ceilings.

[Image courtesy CEPro]

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