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One Shots: A world-tour postcard

Here's someone we haven't seen screenshots from in a while -- our Lord of the Rings Online regular (and a seemingly resident rock star) Lockwood! Apparently he's been busy with The Shades, a very popular Lord of the Rings Online band that is part of the kinship he's in; The Shadows on the Laurelin server. Lockwood sent us the above screenshot postcard along with the scoop on their event:

Over a hundred people showed up, no less than 80 at any one time, and one of the admins showed herself. Well, she made an appearance, she didn't show herself. I've got lot's of pics but it would take me a long time to sift through them for the best so you'll have to make do with this one. Hurray The Shadows! Hurray The Shades!

Do you have any screenshots from fantastic in-game events that you've seen or experienced? Perhaps you're currently taking in the Fire Festival in WoW and have a great screenshot to show off? Maybe you're headed to the 5th SL anniversary party? Whatever the event, we'd love to see screens and hear stories from your point of view. Just send them to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Yours could be the next one featured!

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