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Star Wars Galaxies celebrates its Fifth Anniversary starting June 24th

Michael Zenke

Starting on Tuesday, June 24th, players of Star Wars Galaxies will be able to celebrate an incredibly auspicious occasion. Thursday the 26th will officially mark the 5th anniversary of the launch of LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment's foray into the Galaxy Far, Far Away. We're going to be marking the occasion here on the site with features and galleries, but with your avatar's hat on you'll be able to check out some unique in-game events. Empire Day just happens to fall on the game's anniversary, and both the Rebels and Imperials are pulling out the stops this year to mark the holiday.

At the palace in the city of Theed (/waypoint -5469 4410), loyal soldiers of the Empire can meet face-to-face with Darth Vader for the chance to be granted a special title. They'll also be able to buy special holiday candies that increase movement rate and experience gain. Finally, holiday gifts will be freely given out from a massive statue of the Emperor - a painting of the Empire Strikes Back movie poster, and a fun-looking visor/HUD thing. Rebels can get the same benefits and presents by talking with Princess Leia in the northern part of Coronet (/waypoint -214 -4093). Check out the official forum threads on the subject, and this week go fire off a blaster in honor of the game's big anniversary!

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