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The Best Of Big Download: June 15-21, 2008

John Callaham

It's yet another huge week here at the Big Download news site. For a "game" that's not really a game, Maxis' Spore Creature Creator generated more buzz than most true PC game titles. But that's not all we had. Take a look at the highlights from the past week.



  • Spore Creature Creator demo: Need we say more? Download the free stand alone creature editor from Maxis and EA in PC and Mac flavors.
  • Team Fortress 2: Meet The Sniper trailer: The latest in-game engine cut-scene from Valve centers on the long shot character in their multiplayer shooter.
  • Project Origin trailers. We have not one but two trailers showing off more of Monolith's upcoming horror shooter.
  • The Princess Bride demo: Check out a portion of this casual game based on the classic comedy fantasy movie.
  • Diablo II patch: This patch for the classic Blizzard action-RPG finally removes the CD check.

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