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Two Worlds publisher obtains $12.9m in funding

Jason Dobson

SouthPeak Games, publisher of Two Worlds as well as the uber-cute DS title Ninjatown, has secured an impressive $12.9 million in private funding. As reported by VC blog VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi, the financing is particularly interesting given that most investments of this sort are directed at the online games, virtual worlds or social networks, rather than the more traditional console and PC game space that SouthPeak calls home.

The company will have no shortage of projects on which to blow its newfound cash, with a number of other titles on deck including XBLA puzzler Roogoo, Monster Madness: Grave Danger for the PS3, and The Temptation, which is totally not-an-expansion to Two Worlds. With multiple sequels planned, Takahashi also notes that the pub sees last year's Xbox 360 and PC RPG as its biggest success to date, though it's a sentiment obviously measured in something other than review scores.

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