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Universal Display's white OLEDs go easy on the energy bill

Darren Murph

Universal Display has a thing for outdoing itself, and just a month after patting itself on the back for setting a new OLED power efficacy record, the outfit is already celebrating an even larger achievement. Reportedly, the company has "successfully demonstrated a record-breaking white OLED with a power efficacy of 102 lumens per watt at 1,000 cd/m2 using its high-efficiency phosphorescent OLED technology." In layman's terms, this means that its OLEDs are sucking down less energy than ever before. In time (before 2015, actually), the US Department of Energy wants someone to create a 150 lm/W commercial OLED light source, and thanks to our trusty abacus, we can definitively say that Universal Display is getting mighty close to said goal. Oh, and considering how badly Sony's XEL-1 performed in power tests, we can only hope this stuff is applicable to the TV sector.

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