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Age of Conan login servers besieged by Set [Updated]

Chris Chester

Weekend warriors of the Hyborean variety may have to look into another extra-curricular this Sunday, as the Age of Conan login servers appear to be experiencing some troubles. Players reported serious lag spikes late this morning, developing into an all-out server downage. This blogger is currently unable to get back through the character login servers. Says Funcom Community Manager Famine, "It looks to be something externally right now but the operations guys are looking at it."

Instead of rickrolling the official forums like many other players seem to be doing, might we recommend taking this as an opportunity to mow the lawn or walk the dog? Or if the outdoors isn't your thing, how about reading through our backlog of Age of Conan coverage?

[Update: It appears the servers are back online. If we had known simply posting about the outage would bring them back up, we'd have done it much sooner!]

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