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CableLabs states the obvious, tru2way is open to all

Ben Drawbaugh

You gotta love the cable industry sometimes. It takes an act of congress to get them to move towards an open standard for all, and then from the very beginning they drag their feet for twelve years. Now here we are, close to the dream of being able to access all the same services with any HDTV, as those with a STB, and the CableLabs CEO pretends to extend an olive branch to the telco industry by letting them know they can use the open standard tru2way too. Sure, the FCC didn't specifically mandate the deployment of tru2way, but it did require an open platform to be created and considering that FiOS (for example) has been required by the FCC to support CableCARD -- just like any other cable company -- we find it hilarious that CableLabs would pretend that the cable industry would do their competition any favors.

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