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Champions Online writer nominated for award

Kyle Horner

We knew this guy was awesome, so it's nice to see him in the running for an award. What award is John Layman -- writer for Cryptic Studio's upcoming Champions Online -- being nominated for, you ask? None other than the Harvey award for his work on Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen No. 1 -- that's right, he's the series' co-author. The comic issue in question is being nominated for best single issue or story. It's also worth noting that the second issue is coming out on July 2nd, so if you weren't sure about getting it before you've got yourself a new excuse.

This is a really great sign for anyone looking forward to Champions Online, since a lot of how interesting the game characters and Champions world will be relies on Layman's ability to write well. We really can't wait to see his take on Foxbat, which should prove to be especially awesome. We're looking forward to the mission where we get to stop Foxbat from flooding the city with Jell-O or forcing everyone to do the macarena repeatedly for hours on end -- or maybe he'll try to carry off the Empire State Building again.

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