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Gigabyte M704 unboxing video excites reviewer, may put you to sleep


It's about time someone we understand got his hands on Gigabyte's M704 UMPC. In this case, Chippysteve over at UMPC Portal put together a relatively long video that has him gushing over the new machine, navigating XP, tapping the screen, and putting the little computer through its various tasks. He seems to love the thing unconditionally, but did admit that the chiclet keyboard could use some work. Interface responsiveness looks decent and he proved the unit's performance by running some 1080P video without much of a glitch, so his adoration is at least partially deserved. Don't forget to note his excitement over the free docking station. That all said, we're just glad to see this thing in action in the Western hemisphere. Peep the vid after the break.

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