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    In Soviet Russia, Motorola's MOTOZINE ZN5 reviews you


    In the most thorough examination you can expect this side of mobile-review, SMAPE just put text to phosphor and slapped out a nearly 9,000 word review of Motorola's new 5 megapixel MOTOZINE ZN5 with Xenon flash. They've also pitted it head-to-head with Nokia's own 5 megapixel N82 for a good ol' fashioned photo shootout. While the ZN5 is a smidge thinner, features a dedicated image processing unit for quickness, and optionally stores images in lossless TIFF format for a lower price than the N82, there's one small catch: the N82 (and K850 for that matter) has already been on sale for more than half a year. Nevertheless, as the first model of the new MOTOZINE series, the ZN5 hints at the possibility of a promising future. Assuming of course Moto's phone division lives to see the day.

    Update: Speaking of mobile-review, they just posted their detailed thoughts. The following quote pretty much sums it up, "It's no RAZR of our time. It's just a decent, well-rounded phone."

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