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Metal Gear Solid 4 Database to educate Europe this Thursday


We've gotten into the bad habit of using the word "convoluted" every single time we write something about Metal Gear Solid 4, so we've gone ahead and opened up the thesaurus for this one. According to MCV, the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database, an interactive encyclopedia meant to guide players through Hideo Kojima's byzantine saga, will become available on the European PSN this Thursday, June 26th. It's filled with facts, it's free and it'll check your MGS4 progress before spoiling the part where Meryl is eaten alive by robot marmosets (from the future).

So, what did you think of "byzantine?" Personally, we think that sounds too much like one of those effervescent energy pills. How about "labyrinthine?" "Daedalian?" There's also "knotty." These thesaurus things are quite convoluted, you know.

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