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Metareview -- Battlefield: Bad Company (360, PS3)

Justin McElroy

Battlefield: Bad Company has had an unconventional pre-release, to put it kindly. There was the huge kerfuffle over pay-to-play weapons, then the "boycott" and then, an even more convoluted weapon distribution plan. But, if the early reviews are any indication, the game has come through it relatively unscathed, with critics heaping praise not only on the multiplayer but single-player modes as well.
  • Game Informer (93/100): "The extreme polish evident in the final product makes it all worthwhile. Both single- and multiplayer shine - at long last redeeming DICE for the crappy bot-fests offline players had to endure in previous games in the series."
  • GameSpy (90/100): "Battlefield: Bad Company may look like other FPSes on the market in terms of theme and graphics, but there are enough key gameplay differences to set it apart from the crowd. One could easily say that Bad Company expands the genre itself with its combination of great story, destructible environment and surprisingly deep single-mode multiplayer."
  • IGN UK (86/100): "In spite of its sluggish opening, Battlefield: Bad Company goes on to produce one of the most entertaining first-person shooters since last year's Call of Duty 4. Bold and bright in tone, it's blockbuster fare that combines DICE's first-person expertise with a small sprinkling of innovation that's enough to ensure it's a perfect way to shoot the summer breeze."

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