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Sci-fi shooter Gyrostarr targets WiiWare

Jason Dobson

It's Monday morning, and right on schedule, WiiWare has popped out yet another offspring, this time care of developer High Voltage. And while the company continues to preach the high-end merit of Nintendo's console, its latest aims to keep things small and shooty, just how we like them. Check out the trailer after the break.
  • Gyrostarr (High Voltage Software, 1-4 players, 700 Wii Points): Think of it as Tempest, only, you know, not. High Voltage's love affair with the Wii doesn't begin and end with The Conduit, as the developer this morning dropped its "sci-fi" shooter Gyrostarr onto the service. Offering 50 procedurally generated levels and both motion-sensitive and traditional controls, the game promises to give up to four trigger-happy players plenty to shoot at and items to collect, while aiming for that next elusive warp gate and just one more manic stage.

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