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Club Nintendo giving away shiny things


Your DS just got less cool. Sorry! We're suffering from the effects as well. What has de-awesomogrified the world's supply of DS Lites? Club Nintendo. From July 1 to August 31, Nintendo of Japan will give away 1,000 Premium Silver, 1,000 Premium Platinum, and 1,000 Premium Rose DS Lites to Club Nintendo members who register two new games in that period, with winners determined by random selection.

We don't even have the regular silver DS Lite, and Japan gets a super shiny version for free. Wiping off fingerprints every time you look at the thing is really the only downside.

Could this mean that Nintendo won't be announcing new hardware at E3 (since they'll be giving away Lites in that period)? We think it may mean just the opposite: Nintendo is clearing out some of their existing DS Lites by throwing shiny parts on the outside and making prizes out of them.

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