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EA Games aiming to bundle peripherals with games

Darren Murph

Oh, brother. Let the onslaught begin. Now that games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero have proven to be huge money makers, not to mention how profitable those ridiculous shells for the Wiimote are, we're betting that EA Games is just the next of many that will soon bundle peripherals with games. According to EA's David McCarthy, his firm will be "using a peripheral strategy to some extent, even over the course of the next 12 months." Thankfully, he did note that extras would only be bundled "if it really does enrich the experience of gameplay and doesn't create a barrier to entry for consumers." We can see it now: $80 sports titles that create all sorts of relationship problems with the partner who actually values a kempt living room.

[Via Joystiq, image courtesy of HouseOfNintendo]

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