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Fiesta: to have and to hold, 'til death do you part

James Egan

Ten Ton Hamster recently spoke with GM Dakkon from Outspark, about the new marriage system coming to their super-cute MMO Fiesta. They say the perfect spouse is someone who can be your best friend as well as your lover. Well as of June 30th, friends in Fiesta will be able to tie the knot in-game, by purchasing rings (that "allow the couple to warp to each other from anywhere within the game") and a marriage license. That special day is celebrated with a wedding dress and a tux, fireworks, and cute mini-pets.

While Outspark is saying "I do" to virtual weddings, thus far there isn't a system for digital divorce in Fiesta. Is it unreasonable to assume that roughly half of these marriages will end up there? One envisions this playing out with much drama... and so many possible scenarios. Custody battles over the mini-pets, and of course who gets to keep the house? Green card hunters looking to marry their way onto another server. And who knows... maybe even a black widow, marrying her way to greater and greater wealth. All jokes aside, Outspark is onto something interesting here. It seems to be a bit of a social experiment, but definitely one to watch, at least until the devs implement prenups. But one real question remains: will Outspark ban same-sex marriages in Fiesta? Perhaps controversy will ensue after all.

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