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T-Mobile details prorated ETF policy, dodges rotten vegetables

Chris Ziegler

Why those T-Mobsters couldn't just fall into line with the rest of their national US carrier brethren, we don't know, but here's the skinny: yes, T-Mobile's going to prorate its early termination fees just as it promised to do last year, but the discount schedule is a little shady. Not until the last six months of a contract do you start to see any cash come off that $200 charge, when the ETF drops to $100. At three months it drops to $50, and with less than 30 days left on the contract, you pay the lesser of $50 or your remaining bill. In other words, assuming you're on a two-year plan, you don't see any benefit from this little arrangement until it's already three-quarters of the way spent. That's a far cry from the monthly discounts calculated by some of T-Mobile's competitors -- and likely a far cry from what Kevin has in mind, for that matter -- so with any luck this little scheme will fix itself eventually.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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