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City of Heroes ramps up the excitement for Comic Con

Adrian Bott

The City of Heroes crew have fired up their travel powers to attend Comic Con, which runs from July 23rd to 27th in San Diego. The band of heroes in attendance includes Community Manager Alex 'Lighthouse' Von Minden, Community Co-Ordinator (and PvP enthusiast) Jill 'Ex Libris' Henderson, and developer Ray 'Blue Steel' Snyder, among others.

The big event of CoH's Comic Con is the Pocket D Jubilee, which has been scheduled for Saturday July 26th. You needn't be a City of Heroes subscriber to attend; all you need do is visit the booth and ask for a VIP Pass. The event is open to all Comic Con Attendees and City of Heroes subscribers that are 21+, have valid I.D. and have picked up a pass from the NCsoft booth. In the spirit of Pocket D, the interdimensional nightclub where heroes and villains can mingle in peace, the first thousand visitors to the booth also get a free drink ticket, one per person - again, provided they're 21 or older.

The VIP Pass will also unlock a special item in-game. NCsoft haven't yet announced what it is, but availability is limited to this one show only.

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