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Guildwatch: It's not stealing, it's a ninja

Mike Schramm

That's Alyxandria of All That Remains on Sisters of Elune, professing the opinion that the stuff her guildies stole from Just a Game on the same server isn't being given back. Apparently taking a bunch of stuff out of the guild bank and then /gquitting doesn't count as stealing -- we'll leave you all to decide the morality there.

For our part, we don't judge, we just report on all the guild drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. If you've got some, feel free to send us a tip, anonymous as you'd like, at Whether it's a particularly interesting screenshot of chat (as above), or an all out hilarious forum thread, or just news that your guild has downed a boss they've never downed before, please let us know, and you can see it here next week.


  • Ah yes, the mother of all loot issues: cliques. We're told that the officers of Tabula Rasa on Dragonblight had one such clique -- due to their DKP system, officers were able to gear up their alts even while the mains of non-officers needed gear. Then the guild even switched to a loot council, and you can guess what happened after that -- even more selfish loot distribution. It all comes out on the forums, of course, and you can see the echoes of the guild's rancor against their officers in this other bad PuG thread as well. Here's our question: if the officers were so bad at distributing loot, why did everybody stay with them? Can't do much of the endgame with a less-than-10-person clique.
  • Eternals on EU Ghostlands is apparently a well-known wintrading guild (at least they were -- we wouldn't be surprised if they caught the banhammer the last time it came around). The accusations first sprung up here, but they solidified here, and even spawned a comic about the issue. Doubt that they're at fault? Let the GM of the guild tell you himself, when he drunkposts on the forums. The rest of the guild is having none of it, though: deny deny deny!
  • We Band of Brothers on Baelgun-A has split up -- some members decided that loot was more important than friendship and left to form their own guild. Our tipster (no doubt a spurned WBoB-er) says that the Emancipation folks are not to be trusted: "they'll cry if they lose a roll on their tier 5 tokens." We'll need more detail than that. Meanwhile, WBoB plans to keep progressing and are recruiting on their site to fill the emptied slots.
  • Prae Luna on EU Vashj is accused of doing some pretty bad things -- apparently when two girls left their guild, they were harrassed to no end, and a guild member even logged in to one of their accounts and cleaned it out (just another reason to never, ever share your account information). The news has earned the whole guild a bad rep in server chat, even though some of the guildies claim that it was only a few bad eggs. Minions still seems to be leading the charge against them anyway, so maybe this is more of a guild vs. guild situation than a few people stepping out of line. Can't we all just get along and play the game?
  • Natural Order is stinking up the Steamwheedle Cartel forums with their drama -- their guild members can't seem to keep their issues to themselves, and their guildleader can't stop begging for attention. There is a bright side, though -- apparently the issue with Solasis (he accused of being a bad tank by the guild) got FRAPSed and there's video available.
  • The forum post that explained this drama was lost to history unfortunately, but the vent recording that survived is funny enough (and NSFW) to post by itself. "Blizzard made it that way, take it up with them."
  • Apparently All that Remains nabbed a lot of crap out of the guild bank of Just a Game, and they aren't giving it back. Seriously, stealing from a guild you leave? Just proves to us that you can't play well enough to get it yourself.
  • We have no idea what's going on in this thread (someone is posting for someone else, but they're not actually posting anything?) , but our tipster says that Bladestorm is actually being felled by a classic case of romance drama -- Christi (a female officer) dumped her real-life boyfriend, who was also a guildie named Zaltann, because apparently he was having an e-lationship with someone else in the guild. Drama!
  • Nocturnal needed a few more for their raid in SSC, so they invited a few folks from PS I LOVE YOU in, and look what happened. We're told that during the instance, the few PuGs purposely wiped the raid, and then showed up on the forums to brag about what they did.
  • This is a weird one -- the folks on Arthas have gotten to know a player named Jadynn as kind of a pest -- he doesn't quite behave himself in terms of bragging about his own exploits and invading other guilds' spaces. But things get even weirder than that -- after someone else claims Jadynn is a great player, other server folk suspect he's alt-ing them, and the truth turns out to be extremely strange. Someone trolling for attention or just with some serious mental issues (or both)? You decide.
  • Spectacular Death on Llane-A, which unabashedly bills itself as "the best casual retro raiding guild on Llane," (how many competitors do you really have?) cleared Zul'Gurub out, and one-shotted everything in there. Onyxia is on notice, and AQ20 and MC are ordered up as well. They're also recruiting: server transfers welcome, and they specifically want Mages, Druids, and Shammies right now. And they don't stray away from new content, either: Attumen was dropped recently.
  • Spirit of Malorne on Onyxia-H has one-shotted Gruul on their very first attempt as a guild! Kara's cleared out, and Maggy himself is on notice for next time.
  • Evolution on Fenris-A dropped Ritual of Souls a few weeks ago, and finished off Mother Shahraz last week. Grats!
  • The Demi Gods of EU Daggerspine downed High King Maulgar for the first time. Grats! Gruul's on notice, and Kara and ZA are being farmed.
  • The Firm of EU Emerald Dream downed Al'ar, and then we heard they deep fried him. That's good eatin'!
  • The Defenders of Valhalla on Durotan-A downed Doomwalker. Leotheras the Blind was downed soon after, and we hear Rage is on notice. Go to!
  • Midnight Coven on Elune-H dropped Hydross -- he went down like the sack of water he is. Leotheras is in trouble, too -- he nearly bit the dust on attempt number two.
  • Redemption on Hydraxis-H downed Illidan Stormrage for a Horde second. Grats! It was also just days before their anniversary as a guild, so it was a good present for that as well.
  • Eye Of The Storm on Bonechewer-A previously dropped Gorefiend and Archi in back-to-back attempts, and just recently took out Bloodboil, too. RoS and Mother are next -- we'll put RoS on notice for you.
  • Novus Ordo on Blackwater Raiders downed Tidewalker and Fathom Lord. Nice job!
  • Gravy Robbers on Nathrezim-H finished off Gruul's Lair with the help of Hellbound. They're recruiting up for group 3 in Karazhan and more raiders to roll through endgame, though they do enforce certain specs and gear.
  • Synergy on Shattered Halls has done it again! After a long and thrilling battle, Magtheridon has fallen, marking the completion of T4. Several lucky raiders took home shiny new chest armor, and a couple even earned a title. Loot Reaver is pounding away in fear, and rumor has it that Lurker might even get a surprise visit or two in the near future. Woot!
  • HongKong on Aman'thul-A downed Kael'thas! Apparently their offtank was cursed, because KT died right after he left the group. BT and Hyjal awaits!
  • Devastate on Trollbane-A has downed High King Maulgar for the first time, on their first evening in Gruul's lair. Gruul got down to 16%, so he's on notice for next time.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A continue on: this time, Kaz'rogal took his turn to go belly-up, with enough time left over for a first-look at Azgalor. They didn't get him down, but his days are numbered.
  • Forget Your Sanity on Rexxar downs Rage Winterchill and Anetheron. Kaz'rogal on notice.
  • Good Hard Gank on EU Tarren Mill-H have been rolling lately -- Zul'Jin, Magtheridon and Lurker have all dropped. They've suffered a bit of drama lately, so they're recruiting a Rogue, Mage, Resto Shammy and a Hunter, as well as Healers and a Boomkin all geared for SSC.
  • Is Naughtier Than You of Gilneas is recruiting DPS to fill out a 25 man raid roster. They are looking for committed adults who like to have fun in a fairly laid back atmosphere. Please be 18+ and not easily offended -- they have fun, not drama.
  • Omega on Echo Isles-A killed Kael after a mere six days of attempts! Rage Winterchill, Antheron, Najentus, Supremus and Shade have also felt their wrath. Right now, they're recruiting Shammies of the Elemental and/or Resto stripes -- exactly what I like to hear.
  • A new guild called Semantics on Kael'Thas has been rolling through Karazhan lately, and they're planning to fill out a second group and move on to 25 mans. They're seeking all classes and specs, as long as you're a dedicated player interested in raiding in a laid back way. Look them up if you want to see some endgame before Wrath.
  • Death and Destruction on Laughing Skull-H is taking all levels and classes for folks who are burnt out from the game and want to have some fun before the expansion comes out. They just started, but they're planning to focus on world PvP raids, occasional premade battlegrounds, and having some fun with old world content. Raiding and progression isn't the main goal -- they're just interested in having some new fun. Whisper ingame to join up.
  • Colorful Metaphor on Malfurion-A is working on ZA and Mags, and would like more to round out their raiding team -- they have special need of tanks. They raid on weekends, but they put being social and fun above progression (since that'll come when you make sure it's fun for everybody).
  • Throw Stone is a guild on Dark Iron that focuses mainly on world PvP -- they help players find groups for world PvP without fishing around in trade. If you're level 60 or up and have an epic land mount, join the troops and help them put the war back in Warcraft.
  • Legio Fidelis (Scarlet Crusade-A) is currently recruiting for T6 content. They're looking for talented mature players -- especially healers and tanks -- to come and begin conquering Hyjal and BT. They raid hard three days a week and are committed to progression, so come ready to fight.
  • Wicked Sensations on Silver Hand is looking for mature and fun raiders. They have Kara on farm and are working on ZA and moving up into 25 man raiding.
  • Kindred on Cenarius-A is recruiting for some casual, non-DKP raiding. Kara's been cleared, ZA has been started, and all classes and specs are welcome to join up, as long as you're mature (21+) and fun-loving.
  • Eternal Guardians (Frostmane-A) has cleared Tier 4 and is headed for T5 with a vengeance. They're looking for all classes, with an emphasis on Healers and DPS, with raids 3-5 days a week.
  • Knights of the Legion on EU Draenor has killed Vashj and is recruiting a Holy Priest, Shadow Priest, Warlock, a Resto Shaman and a Holy Pally for three raids a week. KT is on the menu first, and then onward and upward -- please be 18+ and decently geared.
Strangely, there's an increase in guild recruiting notices lately... and a corresponding decrease in guild progress. Are guilds (and guild populations) slowing down before the expansion?

Maybe by next week we'll hear about more progress from around the realms. Until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a hilarious Vent recording and the classic "officers dont do officers like u did." Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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