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Meet Coren Direbrew, dispenser of awesome trinkets and brewmaidens


The Brewfest is currently live for testing on the PTR, and one of the biggest changes is the addition of yet another holiday specific boss, Coren Direbrew. Coren himself isn't completely new. He was also present in the Grim Guzzler last year, when he would give you a quest to deliver brew to the Brewfest and get an offhand tankard in return. This year, however, it appears he's a bit more surly. Instead of simply completing a quest, this time you need to fight him.

Luckily, the loot he drops is more than worth the hassle. Most of it is clones of the trinkets available for badges from G'eras, but there's also a couple other drops that look like a lot of fun. Overall, the loot should draw a lot of people out to Blackrock Depths to beat him up.

A list of his loot is coming up after the break.

Badge of Justice Trinket Clones

Empty Mug of Direbrew: This trinket shares stats with the Bloodlust Brooch from G'eras, which makes it a great choice for pretty much any physical DPS class.

Direbrew Hops: This trinket shares stats with the Essence of the Martyr, the healing trinket from G'eras.

Coren's Lucky Coin: This trinket shares stats with the Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600 from G'eras, which, alas, means it's pretty useless to Feral tanks and Death Knights. You Paladin and Warrior tanks should like it though.

Dark Iron Smoking Pipe: This trinket shares stats with the Icon of the Silver Crescent from G'eras. Not only is the idea of having a nice smoking pipe pretty sweet, it also means casters, especially Shadow Priests and Affliction Warlocks, should love it.

But enough about that, let's get the more unique loot. Don't get me wrong, the exact clone loot is pretty awesome. There is nothing wrong with saving a whole mess of badges by getting these instead of the stuff G'eras has to offer. However, I think you'll agree with me that the unique loot is just too sweet to pass up.

Unique Loot

Brightbrew Charm: In addition to granting 45 stamina, this is the first of two charms that summons your own personal bar wench. Apparently, in addition to granting a small healing over time aura to all party members, she'll throw you a Brewfest Brew if you wave at her. I'd have to say that this trinket may knock the meteor and tentacle trinkets off the top of my favorite trinket list.

Balebrew Charm: If you like your brewmaidens darker and feistier, this is apparently the trinket for you. According to reports, this Black Brewmaiden wades into the fray and does some damage of her own. Also, like her more tranquil cousin, her charm gives 45 stamina, and she'll provide beer if you give her a wave.

Direbrew's Shanker: The stats on this dagger are similar to those of the Emerald Ripper off of Moroes. It is, however, a bit slower, which gives it more high end damage and should make it a popular weapon for Mutilate builds. It also looks like a broken bottle, which means it's perfect for all your bar brawling needs. This dagger is likely a homage to the Barman Shanker, which drops off Grim Guzzler bartender Plugger Spazzring, and was one of the most sought after weapons by pre-raiding Rogues in the days before Burning Crusade.

Final Thoughts

Of course, this is still the test server, so it's very possible that none of this loot could make it onto the live servers. There are also rumors that the bar wench summoning charms are hoaxes, though I hope to confirm that they drop with a few test runs later today. But for now, I'd say this loot is definitely worth drooling over, and I do hope it all makes it live. Like I said, I'm still pretty bummed out over losing the Kodo, but if I can get my own personal Dwarven bar wench in return, I'll still be feeling pretty good come Brewfest.

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