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Pioneer unveils S-4EX bookshelf / S-8EX center channel

Darren Murph

Pioneer's not just focusing on the video side of things, oh no, it's also throwing a bone to the audio lovers in attendance. Designed to complement the EX series of drivers, the S-4EX bookshelf and S-8EX center channel were each constructed with the same heralded technology as used in last year's S-3EX tall boy speakers. When coupled with said boys, you've got yourself a complete multi-channel system consisting of EX drivers from top to bottom. Specs wise, each speaker can handle 160-watts of unadulterated power, and furthermore, you'll find a 3cm Ceramic Graphite tweeter dome, 16cm bass driver (2x in the center channel), ultra rigid cabinet construction and beech high gloss veneer or dark teak matte finishes. As usual, mum's the word on pricing / availability.

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