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Wario Land, Mario Super Sluggers dated for U.S.


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Nintendo just sent news that Wario Land: Shake It would be hitting North America this September 29th, three days after Europe (as this is Nintendo's own game, we trust that this information is accurate). Little new information about the gameplay was ensconced in the details we received -- we already know that we'll be using the Wii Remote side-on, and that shaking the controller helps Wario take out enemies, empty bags of treasure, or trigger earthquakes -- but we did get a new, much larger screenshot. We advise clicking the above image to take in all the detail.

In less-important-but-still-great news, Mario Super Sluggers will be touching down in the States a month before Wario Land arrives, on August 25th. There's plenty of time to save for both, then!


[Via press release]

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