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A non-tester's visit to PS3's Home

William Dobson

Stephen Totilo (guest-editing at Kotaku this week) recently had a chance encounter with a Playstation 3 running the beta of Home, and managed to spend a short amount of time taking a look around. From his findings, it sounds like there haven't been any earth-shattering updates to the beta, and the areas he visited sound just like the previews from quite a while ago.

Probably the key quote from Totilo is his closing note: "Whatever it needs to make it a hit, I don't think it's in there - yet." It's unlikely that having some other Home residents to hang out with would have made a big difference to his opinion, because really, a few rounds of rudimentary bowling and holding hands while watching trailers doesn't sound like very much fun. We're sure there will be other features by the time open beta kicks off, but it sounds as though progress is pretty slow right now.

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