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Exteel: Boomrocker is a go


Heaviest of Exteel's early-era Mechanaughts, the Boomrocker is also one of the best support models available for pilots who can afford the armor and upkeep. Admittedly, it's slower and heavier than newer models, but it's also sturdier, and has a greater capacity for heat regulation. Additionally, the head is equipped with dual Mechanaught Processing Units (MPUs), so you can purchase and equip two skills at the same time.

Weighing in at 54K credits, the price tag is not minor, but it's also not prohibitive. And when you consider its classification as a Heavy, when the Trooper is classified as a Medium, it's a fairly sweet deal for the dosh. Yes, it's a support unit, but when you consider how much damage it can deal in close-quarters fighting, support can also equate to kicking opposing Mechanaught butt.

Now, a word of warning: we've already mentioned that it's not the fastest bird off the blocks, and it doesn't have the highest mobility. If you do get into a fight where you wind up on the front lines instead of supporting your troops, conserve your energy and reroute it to weapons and shields: don't try to boost or jump unless you can't avoid it, because the Boomrocker is just an eensy bit of a pig when it comes to sucking down the juice. Still, between the armor and the weaponry you're packing, the tradeoff in protection and penetration should more than make up for the occasional sphincter-loosening worry when the your team observes the solid biowaste impacting the rotary impellers.

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