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iPhone app developers: Start your engines

Robert Palmer

According to a few anonymous tips, the iPhone App Store is open and ready for business -- for developers.

Apple has opened the App Store to allow registered developers to prepare the final versions of their apps for distribution. Apple has the ultimate say about which apps will appear in the App Store when it launches in early July. The source speculates that larger app developers could get preferential treatment in obtaining expedited approval.

The source also mentioned that developers will be able to select prices for their apps, so long as the price ends in 99 cents. So, for example, prices of $0.99, $1.99, and $99.99 are all acceptable. "Free" is also an option, as expected.

In related news, developers will be using iTunes Connect, familiar to bands and artists who sell their music through the iTunes Store, to monitor the financial performance of their apps. Additionally, Apple will withhold any payments until the developer's share of the sales reaches $250, or its regional currency equivalent. It is unclear what increments Apple will pay after that threshold is reached.

Developers can find out more information about submitting their apps from the "Program Portal" on Apple's secure developer website.

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