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Microsoft rumored to be allowing third-party Xbox 360 hardware


With E3 fast approaching the rumor mill is unsurprisingly already in full swing, and this latest possibility to crop up is certainly one of the more tantalizing of the season, even it is a tad unlikely. If EGM's Quarterman is to be believed, however, it seems that Microsoft may be about to take a cue from the late, lamented 3D0 and begin allowing third-party manufacturers to build their own Xbox 360 hardware, which could conceivably include something as previously far fetched as a Blu-ray player with a built-in 360. Lending a smidgen of credence to that rumor is a recent quote by Microsoft's David Gosen, who told MCV that the company is working on things that he says will be "game changing." Of course, it would hardly be the first time that something touted to be game changing turned out to be anything but, but we only have a few more weeks to wait until we know for sure.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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