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Confirmed: Mega Man 9 a retro fit for WiiWare [update]


Forget about those fancy 3D graphics and newfangled, over-the-shoulder shooting mechanics you saw in your worst nightmares. According to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Mega Man 9 is set to hop onto Nintendo's WiiWare service, complete with traditional, two-dimensional platforming and adorable retro graphics.

Scans of the magazine allegedly reveal that everybody's favorite robot boy will once again succumb to his rampant kleptomania, this time pilfering the powers of bossmen like: Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Plug Man ("Please purchase Mega Men one through eight!"), Concrete Man and the one that's sure to elicit a "woah, man," Splash Woman.

We've asked Capcom for comment, as well as permission to play the game immediately. Update: Permission denied, but game confirmed. If you want all the details, pick up this month's issue of Nintendo Power.

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