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Rumor: Microsoft's answer to Home? My GamerPad [Update]

Update: Joystiq received an official statement regarding this rumor, "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation." Meanwhile at 4chan, posters are claiming the images were created as an intentional joke. While verification is difficult because of the Anonymous posting method of the site we're going to have to reiterate our feeling that My GamerPad looks too fake (and crappy) to be legit. Photoshopped image looks photoshopped.

A rumor that began on the 4chan message boards is lighting up the internet this evening. The rumor is fueled by two images of what is supposedly the Xbox 360's answer to the PS3 Home service. Utilizing the already rumored Avatars, My GamerPad appears to be a virtual home for the cartoon-like characters. While in a perfect world we'd like to think every rumor is true, this one seems a little too out of left field. Firstly, and let's be honest, it looks terrible. Secondly, Home has yet to release -- let alone establish itself as a viable online service. Why copy a concept that has seen more delays than Duke Nukem Forever (of course we're kidding)? If it happens to be true, and we assume it's a gag from the Photoshopping aficionados from 4Chan, we're going to go ahead and Opt Out now. Check out the My GamerPad logo after the jump.

Note: Just so we're clear, 4chan is not a trustworthy source hence our apprehension to believe this rumor. Nevertheless, it's our job to report these rumors.

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Just. Wow.

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