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Samba de Amigo gets patently nutty trailer

Justin McElroy

As much as we love our friends at MTV Multiplayer, we'd like to request that they not get exclusive trailers anymore. Why? Well, like all MTV videos, the above Samba de Amigo trailer isn't viewable in the UK or Canada. Maybe we're just naive, but we think seeing crazy trailers for Wii games is an inalienable right (like hugs) and we don't think anyone's day should be be without some nutty, PaRappa-the-Rapper-goes-South-of-the-Border action ... even if they are Canadian.

We'd love to paint a word picture for our Brit friends, but honestly, there are no words in English that can accurately reflect how rad it is watching a monkey play maracas. ... Hey, don't blame us, it's your language.

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