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Takahashi Meijin: Hudson planning Adventure Island sequel


If there's one person who would know the future of Adventure Island's Master Higgins, it's ... Master Higgins himself. According to statements made by Takahashi Meijin (the real-life basis for the Master Higgins character) in a conference call a few minutes ago, Hudson is in the earliest stages of planning a new Adventure Island game, "probably" for WiiWare.

There are no details yet, but Takahashi expressed concern about "forcing" motion control into the game, saying it would "change what the game is about."

Regarding other Hudson WiiWare, Hudson's Mike Pepe said that between Alien Crush, Blue Oasis, and Karaoke Joysound Wii, "two out of three" would be localized for North America, and that more details would be known about a month before the release date. We don't know for sure which is excluded, but two of those games don't rely on multiple music licensing deals. We didn't get to ask about Bomberman or Tetris, but is there any doubt that Bomberman is coming out everywhere in the world?

In addition, Hudson is working on a "puzzle action" title that may use the Balance Board.

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