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Velodyne, Amina team up to deliver full-range in-wall speaker systems

Steven Kim

If your home decor demands that you go for an invisible AV install, you can either build a separate HT room to house your gear or opt for in-wall speakers. Velodyne and Amina have teamed up (at least in the UK) to make sure that sound quality isn't compromised if you go the in-wall route. Pairing up Velodyne's SC-IW in-wall subwoofers with Amina's SoundUnseen in-wall AIW speakers turns out to enjoy a Reese's-like synergy. Mounting a subwoofer in a wall seems like a recipe for nasty vibrations, but Velodyne has pulled a clever bit of design with the SC-IW and aligned the driver to fire vertically in the wall. For its part, the Amina speakers actually get a thin layer of plaster applied over them for a truly seamless look. This kind of stuff is definitely custom-install only, so we can only hope similar partnerships get struck up on this side of the Atlantic.

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